Martial arts & self-defense

Individual lessons & seminars

Martial arts have been described as meditative, therapeutic, restorative, and freeing. In addition to confidence and self-efficacy, mobility, stability, balance, agility, flexibility, and coordination are attributes that can be achieved through the practice of martial arts.

At NOVA Medical Exercise, we don’t teach just any martial art, we teach Jeet Kune Do; the martial art Bruce Lee developed. We also add Kali (Filipino knife and stick) as well as wrestling and Jujitsu. The basic philosophy is to use what works and discard the rest.

Jeet Kune Do symbolKali symbol

You are not forced to learn any crazy kicks, or practice punching until your hands bleed, but simply to refine your own strengths and build in the areas that can improve. Regardless of age or physical ability, we will make you better.

You will move better and feel better, and…you will learn a great system of self-defense while having a great time.

Due to individualized nature of our program, we only offer private and semi-private lessons.

We can also work with your group or association to develop a self-defense seminar that fit the needs of the participants (girl scouts have different needs than corporate execs, or elite military or law enforcement).

If you have a group that would like to set up a self-defense class or seminar, please contact us with the number of participants and available dates and times.