Meet the staff of MDX Academy

Meet the Team

Our team of expert health and fitness professionals have the perfect combination of fitness and martial arts certifications, practical experience, and formal education.

Dr. Dan Mikeska, DHSc

Constantly Improving

Dan is a student of his profession, and for over 20 years, he has offered his experience and extensive education to clients who are serious about achieving results.

Dr. Dan Mikeska at the Grand Canyon

Dr. Dan Mikeska, DHSc

Health & Fitness Professional
Founder & CEO
About Dan

Dan’s mission is to make you a healthier person so you can improve the quality of your life.

Dan started training clients in 1997 because he felt it was time someone offered individualized, evidenced-based, fitness and self-defense programs rather than hype or fad.

Dan’s philosophy centers around the fact that human movement is a complicated and coordinated effort between your muscles, skeleton, and metabolism, and everyone is different. Knowing how each of the systems of the body work, independently and in concert, is essential in the development of an effective fitness or self-defense training program.

Dan has worked with notable organizations such as Life with Cancer and has taught fitness and wellness classes at Northern Virginia Community College to ensure the next generation is well prepared to deal with the growing prevalence of chronic disease.

Brian Hamill

Achieving My Best

Brian is a personal fitness trainer and founder of B Fitness. He has years of successful results and happy clients.

Brian Hamill

Brian Hamill

Health & Fitness Professional
COO & VP of Employee Development
About Brian

Brian specializes in providing his clients with a proven approach to help them reach their specific recovery, health and fitness goals. His specialties include local personal training and small group training, injury prevention, stability, and corrective exercise with or without performance/sport-specific options.

Brian is big on being clear as to what he can do for someone, along with what that person can do to help themselves.

Brian’s training programs are a culmination of what a particular client wants (their goals) and what they need, providing you with short-term success which will leave you feeling accomplished each week, along with giving you motivation, as you make strides in a positive direction. These short term successes are important as you make gradual progress towards that larger, life changing goal.