Questions relating to medical exercise

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Discover the benefits of medical exercise and how it can help you achieve your fitness and health goals.

Q.What is medical exercise?

Medical exercise bridges the gap between clinical intervention and traditional fitness programs.

While a Medical or Medical Fitness Specialist does not diagnose pain, illness, or disease, we do work with clients who have, or are at risk for developing chronic disease such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease or orthopedic issues.

Staying with in our scope of practice, we can provide activity and exercise programs to help in primary, secondary, or tertiary-level prevention for many chronic conditions with the goal of improving your quality of life.

Q.Why is medical exercise important?

Unfortunately, in the United States, 50% of the population has at least one chronic disease and 25% have two or more. For the first time in history, the current generation may not live as long as the previous one, due to rising overweight and obesity rates, sedentary lifestyles, and a nutritionally poor food chain.

Exercise has been demonstrated to help combat over 35 chronic conditions.

Questions relating to our services

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Learn about the MDX Academy difference and how we can help you.

Q.What is the difference between what we do and what a physical therapist does?

Physical therapy is the first line of defense following clinical intervention such as cardiac rehab or recovery from an orthopedic injury. A physical therapy team will teach you to become functional again.

MDX Academy wants you to do better than just be functional. We want to help you move from chronic disease, to function, to health, to fitness, so you can perform better at any activity you choose.

Q.What chronic diseases can we help with?

We will work with your physicians and clinical team to develop a safe, comprehensive plan tailored to your needs. We have experience with and education in: Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia (cholesterol and triglycerides), Body Composition, overweight, and obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, COPD and Asthma, Balance and Gait, Orthopedic injuries of the shoulders, knees, hips, and extremities, Low Back Pain, Arthritis, Osteopenia and osteoporosis, and Cancer.

Q.What's the difference between a Clinical or Medical Exercise Specialist and every other fitness trainer?

A Personal Trainer has a basic fitness certification which allows them to work with apparently healthy individuals. These basic certifications may only involve a weekend course with a short exam at the end; they do not cover any chronic illness in any stage of prevention.

A Certified Medical Exercise Specialist or a Medical Fitness Specialist has completed a rigorous program of study that specifically addresses chronic disease and orthopedic dysfunction.

At MDX Academy, we can address your specific needs in a safe, effective manner, so you progress and achieve the results you desire.

Q.Why are we qualified to help with your chronic disease?

Our founder and chief clinical officer, Dr. Dan Mikeska, has 30 years of experience in fitness. He has earned a doctorate in Health Science and a master’s degree in Human Movement, and earned a doctorate in Health Science. His primary research focus has been exercise and chronic disease.

Additionally, every health and fitness professional that works at MDX Academy has the experience, education, and/or certifications to work with clients who have chronic disease.

Our Medical Exercise Academy can provide a master’s level training program for fitness professionals who may have all of the necessary skills to be a great trainer, but may not have an understanding of chronic diseases.

Q.Can you help someone who is not suffering from chronic disease but just wants to get healthier? What about athletes needing rehab?

Although our business has focused on clients with chronic conditions, our entire team started in the realm of functional training, performance enhancement, and corrective exercise.

We have worked with clients ranging from stay at home moms, to corporate executives, to elite special operators, to top athletes.

Our staff has decades of experience and the training necessary to develop an effective plan that will meet your needs.

Questions about insurance and rates

Individualized Plans

Below are common questions relating to insurance and our rates. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Q.Do you take insurance?

Not yet — Based on recent changes, health insurance has become a very tricky and delicate subject. Navigating the ins and outs is not for the faint at heart. We are exploring this option to ensure we can be as responsive as possible for our clients’ needs.

Q.What are your rates?

Our rates range from $50 per session to $95 per session. The variance is dependent on several factors. These include the client’s specific needs, the education and experience level of the trainer, and the number of sessions per month the client will be meeting with their trainer.